Titilating Teachers, Salacious Students, And A Whole Lot Of Sex Ed.

Friday, February 25, 2011

I'm Not A Lesbian, I'm Diabetic

Alini Brito, found topless in a Brooklyn high school classroom with topless co-worker Cindy Mauro in between her legs--during a school dance performance they were supposed to be watching--claims that she was simply receiving an insulin shot due to her diabetes.

According to the Daily News:

Brito, a diabetic, told investigators she started feeling ill and asked her French teacher colleague to "check her blood sugar," according to the report.
"Let's go upstairs," Mauro said, according to the report. "I have sugar and candy in my room."
By the time they got to Mauro's classroom on the third floor, Brito said her "knees got weak," so she lay down on the floor.
Brito took off her sweater and Mauro placed it under her colleague's head, Brito said in the report, then Mauro put a chair under Brito's legs "to aid her circulation."
 She had sugar and candy in her classroom all right. And someone got caught with their hand in the jar.